Introducing the Panel Collection by Pigmentti

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  • November 20, 2019

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new venture for Pigmentti, the release of our very first Panel Collection – a series of six ornate modular panels created using bas-relief techniques, which can be assembled according to different combinations and orientations.


The Panel Collection celebrates artisanal techniques and classic materials, but also our evolution as artists, as we embrace new forms of art. We like to think that this unique and customisable design will help to elevate the beauty of bas-relief and the process that comes with it. Please keep on reading to discover the inspiration and techniques behind the new collection.


Panel Collection: The Inspiration

We’ve spoken before about our journey as decorative artists and the inspiration behind the Panel Collection is generally what has inspired the stem of our work. From the landscapes we see around us in Ireland and Solagna, to where we first met at the International Salon of Decorative Painters in Lecce, every step of our journey has helped to form the studio that we are today.


The Optimist’s Perspective, the first artwork from the Panel Collection, focuses on geometric shapes and abstract forms. Northern Italy is one of the main sources of inspiration, taking note of the shapes found in the beautifully maintained Italian villas and the baroque, neoclassical, art deco and modern pieces that surround us in our studio. Squares and circles have always been fundamental elements of our art due to their simplicity and perfection.


Panel Collection: The Material

The collection has been created entirely using marmorino. At Pigmentti, we believe that materials have a language and it’s our job to make the most of each one’s capabilities.


Marmorino is one of our preferred materials thanks to its qualities that make it ideal for sculpture and artistic decoration in luxury homes. Directly translating as “little marble” in Italian, Marmorino was initially popular in Italy but is now known worldwide, albeit in more luxury interior design. It is based on Calcium carbonate and consists of crushed marble and slaked lime – the perfect material for a traditional bas-relief.

Panel Collection: The Process

It’s important to us that you understand the level of work that goes into each of our pieces. For the Panel Collection, each panel of the final bespoke artwork is built on a wooden panel and mesh.


The preparatory phase involves the plastering the mesh with rough mortar (coccio pesto, sand and slaked lime) followed by a second layer of plaster to level the surface. Three layers of marmorino are then laid and the preparatory drawing is freshly engraved onto the surface.


For the realisation of the bas-reliefs, a rough plaster is laid which is modelled according to design and depth. At the end, everything is completed with another application of three layers of marmorino on the reliefs, followed by polishing with soap and metal irons.


Panel Collection: The finished work

The resulting Panel Collection consists of 6 modular panels which can be assembled in any interior design situation according to different combinations and orientations. Each unit can be seen as a single work or as a whole so the possibilities are endless when it comes to installation.


The aforementioned squares and circles are brought together with other abstract shapes to create a detailed bas-relief that is reminiscent of cubism. The harmony of these lines is embodied in figures recalling bottles and cups that invite the viewer to interpret the content with a positive perspective. We want you to look between the light and the shadows, the sharp edges and the round corners, the opacity and the shine and get lost within each feature.

bas-relief-panel collection-pigmentti

Panel Collection: How to incorporate it into luxury interiors

You may have seen our recent post on bas-relief ideas for luxury interiors and the Panel Collection is certainly something you can add to that list. As we explained before, a bas-relief needn’t be displayed over a large scale area. The Panel Collection would be ideal in a hallway or entranceway, especially if you want to create a statement vignette, or as a feature above a bed or sofa. This is your chance to be creative with something that has already been created.


For more information about the collection and The Optimist’s Perspective artwork please contact us here.

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