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Pigmentti is a multi-skilled decorative artist studio specialising in bas-relief sculpture, trompe l’oeil murals, painted decoration, gilding and gold leaf.

The studio was founded in 2016 by Paolo Belló and Noel Donnellan, who joined forces after discovering each other’s work on social media and meeting at the International Salon of Decorative Painters in Lecce, Italy. Today, Pigmentti is a celebration of the harmonic fusion of its founders.

With more than 50 years’ combined experience in artistic decoration, Pigmentti has mastered traditional techniques and worked with precious materials to become a specialist studio for luxury decoration.

Noel and Paolo’s knowledge and expertise in the decorative arts have allowed them to create bespoke work for modern luxury spaces, and to restore historic buildings across the world.

Inspired by nature and the old maestros, Pigmentti’s work is the realisation of their clients’ artistic vision.

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Paolo Belló

Born in Bassano del Grappa in North Italy, Paolo Belló has worked in decoration since the age of 14.

He began his studies at the school of European Centre for Heritage Crafts and Profession in Venice.

Following Venice, he studied a variety of courses under Enio Verenini in his home town of Bassano.

Verenini asked star pupil Paolo to join the Verenini family decoration company, and 3 generations of knowledge was passed on to Paolo over the next 20 years.

During this time, Paolo also joined his maestro as an assistant at the school.

Paolo provides consultation to artisans, interior designers and architects.

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Noel Donnellan

Noel Donnellan started his artisan vocation in 2003, at the renowned Institut Supérior de Peinture Van Der Kelen et Logelain academy in Brussels.

He continued his studies at Ecole d’Art Mural de Versailles in Paris and has the unique distinction of being the first Irish person to study at both.

He has since collaborated with internationally acclaimed interior designers and architects.

As a former mechanical design engineer, he brings his technical knowledge to his craft, namely CAD (computer aided design). He thrives on variety and the limitless range of possibilities in his creations. He sees the potential for transformation in every room however understated or dramatic.

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