Bas-relief Ideas for Luxury Interiors

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  • August 27, 2019

If you’re looking to create a home with a difference, chances are that you’ll be looking for some bespoke and custom options when it comes to furniture, lighting and paint finishes. But have you thought about how you could make a difference with luxury interiors? A bas-relief is a superb way of standing out from the crowd but also celebrates high-quality craftsmanship and decoration. This highly desirable effect can be viewed from all angles with little distortion and creates a luxury finish suited to both residential and commercial spaces.


What is bas-relief?

We directly explored what bas-relief is in our guide to the style of artistic decoration earlier this year, but to clarify in simple terms, a bas-relief is a low relief style of sculpture that creates a visual effect. Artists create a bas-relief by sculpting onto a 2D plane to create and accentuate figures and objects, producing a 3D appearance which can be viewed from all angles with little distortion. The materials predominantly used for this technique are marmorino and scagliola but concrete and other sculptable materials can also be used. These materials are very versatile and can be applied to create many textures, polished to natural finishes and deep sculptural details.



Puzzle bas-relief by Pigmentti

Bas-relief inspiration

Stuck for how to incorporate a bas-relief into your modern interiors? Take inspiration from these bas-relief ideas in luxury interiors and contact Pigmentti should you wish to talk about your own statement design.


Image credit: Champeau & Wilde

A bas-relief needn’t be over a large scale area. Sometimes the more simple the design, the better. A hallway or entrance way is the ideal spot for a wall relief, especially if you want to create a statement vignette. This abstract design by Champeau & Wilde looks like a piece of furniture as opposed to a bas-relief and really works on its own as a statement piece of art.


Image source: Prada Group

You might think of bas-relief as an old tradition that only works in a certain type of luxury interiors, but we’re here to tell you that this isn’t the case. Prada recently commissioned a statement bas-relief in its new Miami store evoking the ’Tropical Deco’ style of old Miami Beach. This reference to 1960s architecture shows how a bas-relief can provide a luxury finish with a modern aesthetic.


Image source: Alexey Polskiy Sculptor: Roman Tverdokhlebov

Bas-reliefs were originally created to tell a story so it’s fairly common to still see designs with some kind of narrative. Depictions of male and female forms are common and look great in an ultra modern setup. This simple bas-relief in a predominantly white apartment looks slick and certainly acts as a conversation starter.


Image credit: Alberto Lama Photography


Pigmentti bas-relief demo at Salon Chamonix

Nature is a huge inspiration for lots of decorative artists so is commonly seen within bas-relief designs in the modern day.  Here at Pigmentti, we’re heavily inspired by the world we see around us and often incorporate animals and botanicals into our designs.



Bas-relief designs by Pigmentti

While plenty of the bas-relief designs you will often see are left in a natural state, it is possible to add colour to a wall relief too. We can add pigments to the mix to create a statement piece of sculpture that brings vibrancy to a room.

Image source: Promontorio Architects / João Morgado

Bas-reliefs aren’t limited to interior use and can create striking effects on the exterior of buildings. The Egyptian Embassy in Lisbon features geometric bas-relief patterns on its facade inspired by traditional Egyptian motifs. Designed by Promontorio Architects, the sculptures have been added to the concrete walls, creating a repeat pattern that adds texture to the building.

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