Artistic Decoration Specialists

Pigmentti’s artists are experts in luxury artistic decoration. 

We use traditional skills and materials to create unique artworks and finishes tailored to your needs, and specialise in bas-relief sculpture, trompe l’eoil murals, painted decoration, gilding and gold leaf.

We provide specialist decoration that complements both modern and classic settings – whether that’s for luxury property, commercial projects or superyacht interiors.

Our designs can be produced off-site and installed by us, or we can provide on-site specialist decoration. With studios in Italy and Ireland, we’re able to deliver projects in Europe and across the world.

Bas-Relief Sculpture

We create bas-relief by sculpting onto walls, ceilings, furniture, panels and doors using Marmorino and Scagliola.

Both materials are very versatile and can be applied to create a range of textures, polished to natural finishes and deep sculptural details. 

We also use the Graffito technique to produce engravings with Marmorino.

Trompe L’oeil Murals

We create murals and ceiling decoration with trompe l’oeil, a technique that uses colour, shading and perspective to form realistic imagery.

Trompe l’oeil can also give the impression of classical proportion and architectural detail.

It can be applied to everything from walls, ceilings and building facades, to panels, canvases, objets d’art and set designs.

Gilding & Gold Leaf

As specialists in luxury decoration, we regularly incorporate gold leaf and other precious metal leafs in our projects. The techniques we use include oil gilding, water gilding, engraving, etching, polishing and verre églomisé.

Gold leaf can be applied on ceilings, walls, canvas, bas-relief sculpture, various decorative architectural embellishments, objets d’art, inlays and furniture.

Painted Decoration
& Frescoes

As hand-painted decoration artists, we specialise in trompe l’oeil, ornamentation, grotesque, grisaille, murals and frescoes.

We’ve hand-painted walls and ceilings, canvases and panels, objets d’art and set designs, furniture and building facades. 

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