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Gilding and Gold Leaf Specialists

As specialists in luxury decoration, we regularly incorporate gold leaf and other precious metal leaves in our projects. The techniques we use include oil gilding, water gilding, engraving, etching, polishing and verre églomisé.

Gold leaf can be applied on ceilings, walls, canvas, bas-relief sculpture, various decorative architectural embellishments, glass, objets d’art, inlays and furniture.

Gold Leaf Gallery

Gilding & Gold Leaf - Our Approach

Before engraving or polishing gold leaf, we prepare the work with 16 layers of Gesso Bologna, eight layers of bole before finally water gilding.  Only then does the process of engraving or polishing the gold begins. Water gilding is also used to apply gold leaf to glass.

To ensure our artworks are of the highest quality, we use only the finest Italian suppliers of gold leaf.

The first evidence of human interaction with gold was the Egyptians around 3,000 B.C. and to this day is still held in high regard.  This precious metal is integral to luxury architecture and design.

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