Inspiration From the World of Artistic Decoration


Introducing New Contemporary Relief Art

Over the past couple of months, we’ve shared snippets of our work-in-progress contemporary ... Read More

A Tribute to Jean Dunand

The Art Deco movement is one that we return to often in our ... Read More

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Blue Art in Interiors

Blue art is having its moment, or so it seems. From the minimalist ... Read More

What Makes Decorative Art Truly Valuable?

What do you think when you think about decorative art? Perhaps it’s the ... Read More

A Tribute to Umberto Boccioni

As decorative artists, we wouldn’t be producing the work we do without the ... Read More

Striking Restaurant and Bar Interiors for Art Lovers

What keeps people coming back to restaurants and bars? It’s surely not just ... Read More

The Importance of Craftsmanship

One thing the current crisis is teaching us at Pigmentti is the value ... Read More

Are We Approaching a New Renaissance?

At Pigmentti we’ve spent years studying the most influential periods in art history, ... Read More

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